Spending 6 hours with a 54-year old car guard

Picture 1

Picture 1: Edward Mkhize is a self-employed security guard found on 10th street, Parkmore in Sandton.

Picture 2

Picture 2: The 53-year-old voluntarily assists drivers who are customers at Sandton Aesthetic Institution.

Picture 3

Picture 3: Edward Mkhize is a stylish man and has a chain collection habit.

Picture 5

Picture 4: Mkhize’s hands are so mucky and greasy. He accessory habit also contains collecting bracelets.

Picture 5

Picture 5: Edwards smiles whole heartedly, not minding the plague covering most of his teeth.

Picture 6

Picture 6: One of Edwards hiding places.

Picture 7

Picture 7: Mkhize selling his cigarettes to one of his regular customers.

Picture 8

Picture 8: Friendly, people’s person Edward Mkhize conversing with his associates.

Picture 9

Picture 9: Mkhize steals a gulp of his wine, right before checking the coast for any eyes watching him.

Picture 10

Picture 10: Edward Mkhize is on the lookout before diving into his secret stash.